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Our 1969 Corvette
We got our first Corvette in September 2008.  It began life almost 40 years before that, in fact it's birthday was 11/12/1969.  It is a late 1969 production car, in 1969 they didn't change to 1970 production year until late, though some of the new features were included in the late 69 cars.  There were 22,129 coupes and 16,633 convertibles built in 1969 compared to 10,688 coupes and 6,648 convertibles in 1970 because of the shorter production year.  In 1969 the base price for a coupe was $4781 and the convertible, would you believe $4438.
Car and Coffee - Dallas 10/2009
Ours is all original matching numbers everywhere except that I did upgrade the AC to an aftermarket but have retained all the original pieces.  It is Lemans Blue with Bright Blue interior, has a white convertible top and color matched hardtop which never goes on of course.  It has a 350/300 hp engine with a Turbo 400 tranny and 3.08 gears.  It has factory AC upgraded to Vintage Air and I restored the interior last winter just to freshen it up a bit.  It had some interior restoration done around 1989 and at that time was painted and new tires, in fact I am still running those tires and they look great.  Since then the car has not been driven much and only has around 73,000 miles original miles.
It is a work in progress, this winter the plan is to finish the cabin behind the seats, replace and restore the convertible top, new weather strips, re-chrome the bumpers and a few other parts and clean and restore a few things under the hood and on the underside of the car.  I am also thinking about putting on a set of Cragar SS wheels, we'll see I have to figure out where to store all of the stuff I upgrade to keep all the original parts with the car and the collection is stacking up pretty quickly.  The original rallies look good but really need to be replaced and the trim rings are missing a few clips so I am afraid of losing one on the road.